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OP-X PRO                         

OP-X VST                        

The real OB-X Rev.2       
The OP-X PRO is based on the exactly same engine as the already much-praised OP-X. So it does have the same bacic sound while offering a lot of enhanced features. So also have a look at the OP-X testimonial site.

So we decided to collect some facts and user quote excerpts on this page. If you want to send us a testimonial on the OP-X PRO you can do it here: send testimonial

OP-X customers excerpt:
Neil Palmer
Keyboard player and producer of Xavier Naidoo
Morris Hayes
Keyboard player of Prince, Maceo Parker
Ted Perlman
Granmmy winning producer (Bob Dylan, Elton John)
Paul Mirkovich
Musical director for Cher, Janet Jackson, etc.
Louie Stephens
Keyboard player of Rooney
Stefan Wagner
Keyboard player of the Lovebugs
Ruff&Jam Recordings
Kylie Minogue „Love at first sight“ US No.1 Mix
Rednote Audio
Soundtracks for „Star Trek Legacy“ (XBox)
Apsaroke Music
Soundtrack for „Dalai Lama Renaissance“
Elegant Machinery
Swedens' best known synth pop export („Process“)
I Satellite
Futurist electro pop formation (bubbleboy remix)
Australian synthpop duo signed to „A Different Drum“
Saulino Musica
Soundtracks for television and film (Foxlife)
M.I.K.E. Music
Club Elite Recordings in Belgium
Gary Corbett
Writer of Cindy Laupers' „She Bop“, was on tour with
Kiss, Loo Reed, Ciderella, Whitney Houston a.m.m.

The OP-X is used by artists and producers of the following countries:

United States, Great Britain, Canada, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia, Malta, Austria, Poland, Russia, Estland, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Cambodia, South Korea, Indonesia

OP-X user quote excerpts:

Gary Corbett (Cindy Lauper, Cinderella):

„This is the best virtual synth I have ever heard“

Luke Mourinet, Ruff&Jam (Kylie Minogue):

„It's without a doubt the best OB-X emulation to date“

Henry Reid (Dalai Lama Renaissance):

„I'm using it in my present film score“

Rod Abernethy (Star Trek Legacy):

„The OP-X is brilliant.“

OP-X PRO testimonials:

Mark Nicewander, Musicians Quarters

„WOW! I got the chance to actually play the OP-X Pro side by side with my Oberheim OB8. Same mix ran both through my Alesis Quadraverb 8 channel mixer. Gang this is the real deal, side by side with my OB8!! I loved the warmth, the sound of the filters, every patch I created on my OB8 I recreated on the OP-X PRO identical in sound!! I actually liked the sound of OP-X Pro over my hardware!! Yes the OP-X Pro is that great!! Thank you Sonic!!!“

Rod MacQuarrie, I Satellite

„I just have to say this...your synth blows away any other reproductions I've heard. You've really worked out to capture all the little details, and the microtuning adjustments really opens it up and makes it a Super OP-X... very impressive...“

Stratification (kvr)

„Have to say that this is one of the 'meatiest' synths that I've played with. I've just got the Virus plugin for the Powercore; - whilst the Virus has totally trashed nearly all of my softsynths in terms of 'this sounds like hardware', the OP-X is pretty much right there with it.“

Send us your own op-x pro testimonial or experience report!

C.M. (OP-X Pro User)

„I cannot express how delighted I am with the OP-X PRO. You've done an incredible job with the filter section. Thanks again for creating the best sounding virtual synth to date!“

R.H. (OP-X Pro User)

„After checking the OP-X PRO in the recent days these are my findings: The oscillators and filters sound sensationally good for my ears. The envelopes show that typical oberheim characteristic. There's a really great sounding sync which is quite rare in virtual analog synths, software or hardware. The setting up of sounds is an incredible great experience. My Matrix 1000, which I own and am able to compare, has no chance against the op-x pro any more. In a blind test I would say the matrix was the plugin and the op-x pro the real thing, not vice versa. Recently I've set up a brass sound with a quality I've never heard before from any other software synth and only very few harware synths. I've become a real fan of the op-x pro - it really has that famous oberheim sound.“