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Patch Reference Sources

The reference sources for all the famous 80ies patches of course were the original recordings. Check the dedicated links in the audio player to learn more about the original tracks and where to buy them.

Since it's almost impossible to get hold of dedicated original parameter settings the famous sounds have been programmed by simply listening again and again to the dedicated tracks and tweaking the parameters until the sound was correct. As you might guess this was an extremely time consuming procedure. But it was worth it.

For the synth emulating banks we either relied on the original synths themselves, or if not physically available, on reliable sources like original patch sheets and pure recordings, mostly both combined. Apart from catching the general character of a synth this allowed us for offering many of the famous original factory patches.

So, as you can see, the library of OP-X PRO-II is not only based on phantasy, but too on intense research and comparisons to give you really authentic sounds.

Here's a list of some of our used reference sources:


An absolutely excellent site with countless audio clips of famous sounds and factory patches of synths. Used as reference source to copy some Jupiter-8 and Prophet-5 factory patches, which are available as audioclips here. Also used as audio reference for some of the famous sounds. Check it out!

Katsunori Ujiie

Almost a legend in Japan who does maybe the best and most fun to watch youtube gear videos on the internet. We're proud that grantech bacame our official reseller in Japan. A lo of the prophet patches and the broad and fat Matrix12 strings have been directly inspired by his videos, mainly those two:

The probably most popular german online review magazine featuring countless vintage synth reviews offering lots of great audio clips. Amazona has been an inspiration source for a lot of the library sounds. We've built a library of countless audio clips sorted by synth downloaded from his site as comparison reference. Used for some OB-X, Fourvoice, Moog and Jupiter-8 sounds.


The main inspiration and reference source for the polymoog sounds of the polymoog bank. Great audioclips and ressources here. Another main inspirator for some polymoog sounds was the Swedish band ABBA. Benny Andersson made a great use of this synth.

Various Internet Sources:

Jupiter 8:

A great youtube video showing some Jupiter 8 sounds. The sound „Jupiter Super Pad“ has been directly derived from this video.

Prophet 5:

Another great Prophet 5 video, again from Japan, available in two parts. Goes through the factory soundset of the synth.


A great ressource for vintage synths in general, featuring lots of technical information, pictures, and also audio examples.