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VM Bundle 2.0 Update Info
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As a VM Bundle owner you should have received an update mail containing all necessary inormation. If not please contact us by email.

The 2.0 update of VM Bundle was made to work together with the newest VFX software and firmware. The new bundle features some fixes and easier installation.

Minimum VFX software and V-Machine firmware needed: 2.0.20101204


- comes as a compact vfxlibrary with new bank format
- Mac VFX: Installation just by doubleclicking the vfxlibrary
- no need to replace dlls, automatic switch to built in non-GUI vfxdlls if used in the V-Machine
- some new presets in the OP-X bank (some others removed)
- mapped banks as standard now
- Stringer: fixed preset radio buttons, now work correctly in 2.0 (old presets need to be re-initialized)
- OP-X: fixed octave radio buttons
- newest version of OP-X pc version included (small installation fix for win vista & 7)


Video Guide V-Machine

Video Guide VFX Mac


- only audio breaks (no beeps), Stringer one octave, non-GUI dlls included
- comes as a single vfxlibrary

Download demo


- Much faster preset change (almost immediate)
- Easier installation of the VM Bundle (no need to replace dlls anymore)
- Stringer again works correctly, radio buttons work reliably now
- Greater compatibility to other plugins (built in wizard files)
- Greater stability (VFX), bugfixes (CC, program change)
- Options for export in the V-Machine

All in all the 2.0 VM Bundle works very well and very stable with the new VFX software and V-Machine firmware. There are no disadvantages over the old setup. Only advantages (see above).


The ones who already have updated the software and firmware might have noticed that the Stringer presets often don't load with the correct sound, which is caused by some changes in the chunk management of VFX. This made necessary some changes in the Stringer radio buttons section to work again correctly and reliably.

Apart from this fix the bundle now comes as a single movable vfxlibrary which can be licensed and used directly from a stick and gives all options of how to use it. There's also no need any more to replace non-GUI dlls manually since the new VFX software has a function that detects and activates those (.vfxdll) automatically in the V-Machine.

Furthermore there are some new presets in the OP-X bank (while some others have been removed) and the VFX banks have the CC mapping as standard. Non-mapped banks are included too.

Installation is much easier. Please read the installation manual and watch the videos linked below. Installation into VFX Mac is just a matter of doubleclicking the library file now.


If the old bundle works for you then there's no need to update anything! This step mainly should be considered if you plan to update your V-Machine and VFX software to the newest version and make a new beginning.

For a full update you will need to replace the old plugins in the V-Machine and in VFX, otherwise the new fixes, changes and banks won't work correctly. Please backup your old and custom banks before you update.

The old Stringer presets won't initialize correctly any more. They will lose their radio button preset setting which needs to be re-initialized and re-saved then if you have custom presets made with the old version. All other buttons and knobs however should overtake the old settings correctly. It's good to know however that the new Stringer bank has exactly the same presets as the old one.

The OP-X presets however still should load correctly. Be careful however to backup your old banks and custom presets and if the original bank name is used maybe rename the banks so that they are not being overwritten by the new ones.

If you have imported the banks and plugins into the V-Machine's internal disk you need to delete the plugins before to be able to update them by importing the new ones, otherwise the old ones will remain. This is especially important for Stringer, since this one has some major changes over the old version.

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